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Full campaign concept display for Louboutin

ICON tantalise with the design and delivery of Louboutin's Paloma bag window display in Belgravia

Project Overview

ICON was given the task of coming up with a creative concept for Louboutin's Motcomb Street store window display for the launch of their latest bag, the Paloma. The Louboutin brand is synonymous with innovative, playful design and fine craftsmanship - the Paloma is no exception to this, taking inspiration from the Parisian world of cabaret.

We wanted to remain true to these design principles in our own interpretation of the project to ensure Louboutin's and the Paloma's values were properly conveyed. Using assets from the Louboutin Peep Show campaign, we created a window display concept that was in line with the promotion surround the Paloma baf and its playful design.


Project Outcomes

ICON used the 'peep hole' elements of the campaign and applied them to a blacked out window backdrop to add to the intrigue of the Paloma. Behind two peep holes were video screens showing the Paloma digital content, others were filled with Paloma graphics and the campaign logo, whilst the final peep hole was a dynamic call to action. The latter appeared to be just showing video content but moved aside to reveal the actual bag and new shop interior, encouraging shoppers and passers-by to go in and explore more.

We delivered the entire window display project in one overnight install ready for the launch of the Paloma the next morning. We provided and mounted the digital video screens showing the campaign content and printed and installed all window vinyl, window panels and Paloma campaign graphics. In addition to this, we also produced and installed the exterior canopy branded with a neon Peep Show logo, as well as installing the matching interior neon LEDs illuminating the new products and shop interior.

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